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SinterMax T1800
Two Stacking Crucibles
microSinterWave A1614
capacity - 50+ units
microSinterWave P7515
capacity - continuous

Sintering Ovens - Dental Microwave Furnace

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mws-c2550-photo-400wAt 200+ units with two stacked crucibles, the new model C2550 offers more than EIGHT times the capacity of any previous generation dental microwave oven, and more capacity than ANY traditional dental furnace, a major leap forward in sintering of zirconia and other dental ceramics.

With a traditional furnace, a 200-unit capacity was simply unthinkable due to hot spots and the inconsistency of air currents. But, with our new circulated microwave flux-chamber design, we are able to generate microwave coverage that evenly spreads over the entire dual-crucible chamber area.

The large touchscreen Windows CE computer built into the face of the unit allows for superb control, and two external USB ports allow for printing, downloading or batching information between the device and other computers.

A high volume multi-shift lab running this unit 10 times a day could produce more than 700,000 units per year with a single microwave oven. Even at maximum 24-7 production levels, the water-cooled microwave thermocoupler is rated to exceed the one-year warranty period on the product. By comparison, it would take TWO DOZEN or more traditional ovens to keep up with the production capacity of this single oven.


  • # Trays / Cycle: 2 trays (NEW!)
  • Capacity / Tray: 100 units/tray
  • Crucible Tray Size: 5.0
    Category: Sintering Ovens

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