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Sintering Ovens - Dental Microwave Furnace

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msw-a1614-300wOur new microSinterWave Model A1614 dental furnace offers twice the crucible capacity of any microwave dental furnace previously available. With all-new industrial components and powerful new 1.4 Kilowatt microwave thermocoupler, the A1614 raises the bar for microwave sintering of zirconia copings and frameworks in small dental laboratory environments. A single A1614 furnace produces sintered zirconia copings and frameworks faster than ALL of the competitive traditional furnaces on the market COMBINED (faster than a if you had a dozen traditional furnaces).


  • Sinter up to 50 units at a time
  • Standard 90 minute sintering cycle
  • Reduce sintering time by 80%
  • Save up to 90% on electricity
  • Up to 20% stronger structures
  • Color touch-screen control
  • Optical infrared pyrometer
  • Industrial quality components
  • Two USB Ports, 40 Programs
  • Air-cooled design
  • Replacement thermocoupler included

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39"W x 28-1/2"D x 37-1/4"H


  • Capacity / Tray: 48+ units/tray
  • # Trays / Cycle: 1 tray
  • Crucible Tray Size: 3.3
    Category: Sintering Ovens

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