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SinterMax T1800
Two Stacking Crucibles
microSinterWave A1614
capacity - 50+ units
microSinterWave P7515
capacity - continuous

Sintering Ovens - Dental Microwave Furnace

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crucible-206hEach microSinterWave furnace includes a special crucible and silicon carbide susceptor plate designed specifically for sintering of dental zirconia in a microwave furnace. Silicon carbide is a fast-acting susceptor for microwaves and heats up consistently and rapidly, thereby transferring radiant heat to the zirconia. Once the zirconia reaches about 1000 degrees, the zirconia material directly couples with the microwaves, quickly hardening the copings and frameworks as the microwaves pass evenly through the material.. The succeptor plate is scored and marked into 1/2" by 1/2" squares so that you can easily track and identify each framework through the sintering process.

Additional silicon-carbide speckled crucibles and silicon carbide susceptor plates are available so that while the microwave is sintering one batch, you can ready a second batch in another crucible as the frameworks are completed by your milling machine.

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